Month: September 2013

David Clarkson Suspended from the Maple Leafs for Fighting? Three Sports Updates

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Did you know that the NCAA has recently announced that it will be dropping some penalties against Penn State? A little over a year ago, historical penalties were levied against the football team after Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of having sexually abused multiple children during his time there, often with the knowledge of other team employees.

The most significant penalty was viewed to be the football scholarships. For four years starting in 2012, Coach O’Brien was not allowed to sign more than 15 recruits. Now, he will be able to sign 20, and then 25. This is one of the latest updates to sport radio online. Here are three more headlines that have been making the rounds this week.

1. More Maple Leaf Fighting

David Clarkson left the bench in order to participate in a fight against Read More

Scuba Dive Training Courses Available and Equipment for Sale Such as Snorkels, Wetsuits, Dive Watches, Cameras, and Goggles

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To many people, the sea is a mystery full of possibilities. The potential for exploration that the sea posses is seemingly limitless. This of course appeals to a lot of individuals who want to experience exploring a vast body of water first hand. To be able to fulfill their desire to explore the mysteries of the sea, people can take scuba dive training courses.

Before beginning a scuba dive training course, individuals will need to buy scuba equipment and diving gear. There are many commercial diving gear companies that have scuba gear for sale online for those who want to be equipped with the best brands before they begin scuba diving. Because safety is a main concern that will be emphasized during scuba dive training, soon to be Read More