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David Clarkson Suspended from the Maple Leafs for Fighting? Three Sports Updates

David Clarkson Suspended from the Maple Leafs for Fighting? Three Sports Updates

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Did you know that the NCAA has recently announced that it will be dropping some penalties against Penn State? A little over a year ago, historical penalties were levied against the football team after Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of having sexually abused multiple children during his time there, often with the knowledge of other team employees.

The most significant penalty was viewed to be the football scholarships. For four years starting in 2012, Coach O’Brien was not allowed to sign more than 15 recruits. Now, he will be able to sign 20, and then 25. This is one of the latest updates to sport radio online. Here are three more headlines that have been making the rounds this week.

1. More Maple Leaf Fighting

David Clarkson left the bench in order to participate in a fight against the Sabres during one of the pre season games earlier this week, and has now been officially suspended from ten games, which will be served after the beginning of the regular season. According to online sports radio, fights are highly discouraged since players can cause concussions and break hands. Toronto has been leading the NHL in fighting. Last season, they fought 44 times, coming in way ahead of anyone else. The Columbus Blue Jackets, rating second must ready to throw a punch, came in at 34.

2. Yankees Fumble Bobble Head Giveaway

This past Tuesday night, the Yankees elected to give out about 18,000 Mariano Rivera bobbleheads. However, because of a delivery problem, they had to hand out vouchers redeemable after the game. Thousands of fans had been waiting longer than an hour for the bobble heads, and during the game, fans who had purchased some of the priciest seats were hand delivered bobbleheads by personnel. Online sport radio reported that people had to miss parts of the game in order to stand in line for their bobblehead.

3. Viking Fraud

The owner of the Minnesota Vikings, Mark Wilf, his brother, and his cousin have been ordered to pay almost $85 million in damages to former partners that they defrauded in real estate ventures that spanned several decades. Wilf states that he plans to appeal the ruling, and that the fine will not affect his ability to finance new stadium construction.

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