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3 Important Church Playground Considerations

3 Important Church Playground Considerations

Churches are places for people to gather and worship. That being said, it’s important that your church has something for members of all ages. While adults prefer to sit and listen to a sermon each week, children might have a harder time with this. Therefore, you might be considering adding a fun commercial playground for younger church members. One study found that 73% of school districts throughout the United States provide a recess for their students. It’s wise to consider offering this same type of break for your church’s youth members. With that in mind, here are three considerations to make before ordering a church playground.

  • Age of Children Attending Your Church

    Before purchasing a commercial playground, it’s important to think of who will be using it. If your church’s youth group is made of primarily younger children, you’ll want to have equipment that is safe for this age range. However, many churches are fortunate enough to have a large group of members. This means having children of all ages in your church’s youth group. Considering that, it’s best to have playground equipment that offers something for children of all ages. This allows children to help obtain the 60 minutes per day of moderate exercise they need in order to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Determining Space Concerns

    Another important concern is to determine how much space you have. Churches are built on various sized lots. If you have more than enough space, this won’t be much of a concern. However, there are many churches throughout the United States without such spacious lots. Therefore, you might be working with a limited amount of space. In this case, it’s wise to contact a playground equipment service for help.
  • Your Church’s Budget

    As with many other types of organizations, churches typically have to operate within some type of budget. However, certain playgrounds are able to be provided for free with the help of grants and funds. Regardless of which option is available to your church, you’ll have to focus on budgeting. Fortunately, there are plenty of church playgrounds available for those working with small budgets.

To summarize, there are several considerations to make before purchasing commercial playground equipment. While the first playground was built 130 years ago in Boston, these types of equipment have come a long way. Considering that, you might consider contacting a playground equipment company. This ensures you’re able to speak with someone who understands the needs of your church. In turn, you’ll soon be able to have playground equipment that all children will enjoy.

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