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6 Features of BMX Bikes That Make Them Perfect For Trick Riding

6 Features of BMX Bikes That Make Them Perfect For Trick Riding

BMX stands for Bicycle Moto Cross, and BMX bikes are very different from the standard road bikes you see at bike shops. They were only a few obvious difference between the two popular types of bikes, but the differences are what make BMX bikes the perfect choice for stunts and tricks.

  • Weight: BMX bikes come with a 20-inch long top tube on their frame compared to a much longer 40 inch to 45-inch top tube on standard road bikes. The significantly smaller frame allows the bike to swing 360 degrees without hitting the bike frames and causing the cyclist to fall. The small frame also cuts the weight of the bike almost in half. This makes it perfect to pick up speed in short distances between jumps and other stunts.


  • Durability: While BMX bikes are incredibly lightweight, they are also extremely durable. They go through a lot of abuse, no matter what discipline of freestyle you’re practicing. BMX bikes are typically made from a chrome material which is a molybdenum steel alloy. This alloy is very strong while maintaining lightness, making it perfect for stunt biking.


  • Wheels: The wheels of BMX bikes are also very different compared to standard bikes. The wheels vary based on what you’re going to use the bike for. Traditionally, BMX bikes have featured small wheel sizes and knobby tires made for gripping the first in the off-road tracks. Rims for BMX bikes come in single or double wall versions, and the double wall is strongest.


  • Chains, gears, and pedals: BMX bikes aren’t usually used for long distance cycling, so it’s not necessary to have pedaling efficiency. This means that you can cut down on weight by only using one gear. The ratio between the main gear and the rear pinion can vary based on the discipline.


  • Brakes: Freestyle bikes also don’t use the brakes that much, and most BMX bikes are stopped by a foot on the rear wheel to provide the necessary friction. You can’t use normal brake cables because freestyle bikes do a lot of spinning.


  • Pegs: The pegs are for BMX bikes attach to the front and rear wheels rather like the footrest on a motorbike.

Over 100 million bikes are manufactured every year across the globe. If you’re looking to get into BMX, we have rims for BMX bikes and many other accessories you might need to start stunting.

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