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How To Get Your Kids To Exercise Regularly

For people of all ages, movement is important. Movement keeps us healthy both in body as well as in mind. Movement provides us with hobbies and even passions. Movement on a very basic level simply gets us to where we need to go.

Movement is important for adults, of course, and for teenagers and even the elderly population, but movement on a regular basis is especially important for young children. In fact, it has been recommended by the APA – the American Academy of Pediatrics – that children who are no younger than two and no older than five be practicing their motor skills on a regular basis.

These motor skills, ranging from tumbling to running to throwing and catching, are essential for brain development, and regular moving around is what develops them. There is a relatively short window for the motor skills of young children to become fully developed. It has even been found that if children do not fully develop their motor skills by the time that they reach the age of si Read More