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The Role of Wakeboarders in Preventing Infestation of Invasive Species

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If you are the kind of person that delights in water sports, it’s imperative that you understand the risks brought by invasive species. Invasive species refers a non-native species such as fungus, plant or animals species that have been newly introduced to an area. These include things like herbs, mosses, shrubs, fish, seeds, insects, or eggs. But how are these invasives related to your water sporting activity? Well, as you’re cruising along the lake through high and low wakes, you are also moving species from one point to another.

It is estimated that in 2015, about 3.2 million people participated in wakeboarding in the United States. Considering this figure, you can imagine the number of invasives that have been carried all along. When these species enter new locations, they pose a great danger to both human health and the environment. They disrupt natural habitats and affect the local economies, especially in areas specializing in fishing. Hence it’s important to know the kind of precautions to take in curbing the spread of invasive species.

Use a filter
An eco-conscious invasive species filter is an important tool for the boating community. This specialized system helps to eliminate invasive species that might hide beneath the boat and reduce the chances of transporting them from one region to another.

Clean, drain and dry your boat
Before and after every boating trip, it’s recommended that you thoroughly clean and remove any trace of mud or plant from your boat. This is very important because plant and dirt attached to your boat and motor can host invasive’s eggs. Experts advise the use of a high-pressure hose or salty water in cleaning up the boat. After that, you leave your boat to dry completely before using it again on a foreign body of water. In addition to cleaning your boat, you need to wash your sports equipment.

While there are other invasive species prevention techniques, installing an eco-conscious invasive species filter and ensuring your boat is clean are simple and effective ways that guarantee you an invasive species free environment for wakesurfing.