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The Benefits Of Recreational Boating For All Americans

Marine boat carpet

Boating is a popular activity in the United States, one that can lead to memories that last a life time. With the vast majority of all people in the United States – at least 95% of them – only an hour or so drive away fro ma navigable body of water, boating has become an increasingly common past time, especially in areas with year round warm climates. No matter where you live, however, you can benefit from the joys of boating, even if it is only during the summer months. Boating can be ideal for a multitude of different people, from fishermen, of which there are more than forty nine million in the United States alone, to people who are just looking to spend a relaxing day with their families. Boating can also be a gateway to other water related hobbies. For instance, nearly 10% of all Americans are intere Read More