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3 Reasons to Have Officers Wear Kevlar

It’s important to do everything possible to protect officers from threats faced while on the job. Fortunately, tactical body armor is a great way to keep officers safe. In fact, statistics show that armor vests have helped save the lives of over 3,000 police officers throughout the past 30 years. That being said, there are wide ranges of tactical gear to consider choosing. In this post, you’ll learn three benefits of wearing tactical gear made from Kevlar.

  1. Protection Against Multiple Type of Threats

    Law enforcement safety is often threatened by those brandishing all types of weapons. Therefore, it’s important that officers remain protected against multiple weapons. Fortunately, Kevlar has been shown to absorb damage from both firearms and knives. This makes Kevlar tactical gear a wise choice for officers who aren’t sure what they’re going up against.
  2. Relatively Easy to Conceal

    In certain situations, officers need to Read More