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How Wild Boar Hunting Trips Help Keep The Environment Clean

Fallow deer

What constitutes a mediocre hunting trip? Don’t bother finding out! Hunting is one of the most popular recreational sports in the United States and a passion that sends millions of families, friends and individuals alike to surrounding forests in search of the ultimate weekend. Hog hunting trips are particularly popular in Oklahoma and nearby states for their ability to reduce strain on the environment while providing you with a trip you’ll never forget. What should you know before signing up at a hunting lodge? Take a look below and catch yourself up to speed.

Did You Know?

Time for some fun facts! It’s thought over 12% of the American population actively hunt or fish, which is nothing to say of those who engage in it semi-regularly or during family gatherings. That’s as many as 15 million people! Pigs are not actually native to North America, having been introduced by Spaniards over 500 years ago. This has led multiple states to having sizable hog populations, creating an entire subculture devoted to the art of the hog hunt. According to the U.S. Department Of Agriculture, our country is home to over six million wild pigs.

Environmental Awareness

There are environmental benefits to be had every time you gather up with friends for exotic hunting trips. The USDA has estimated feral hogs causing over $1 billion in damage around the nation due to depleting local crops and infecting water with numerous diseases. They can even erode the land around water resources due to their exploding population growth! Hog hunting is not just an engaging past-time, but a way to cull high numbers of hog and keep the environment as balanced as possible.

Boar Hunting

Whether you’re hunting sheep or hogs, you’ll want to know what you’re up against. Hogs reproduce at an astonishingly rapid rate, with some families producing up to 20 piglets every year. Feral swine populations have officially been seen in all 77 counties of Oklahoma, making this one of the best states if you want to try hog hunting yourself. The aoudad is popular for its stunning horns and large size, creating many impressive photo opportunities for hunters both lucky and skilled enough to find one. Also known as the ‘Barbary sheep’, it is anywhere from 88 to over 300 pounds.

Just Fishing

What if you’re less interested in catching a wild aoudad sheep and more curious about what fish you can roast up for dinner? Some like to do a little hunting, then relax with some fishing by the river with their friends. Wherever you stand on the scale, a good fishing trip should always have the right equipment for both locating fish and keeping them fresh on the way back to the RV. This includes sturdy line you can trust not to snap on you should you be lucky enough to snag the big one, as well as a portable refrigerator that can fit snugly in any boat.

Wild boar hunting (or aoudad hunting) trips are better when you’re aware of the competition. Drop by a hunting lodge and make sure you’re equipped before setting out!

Big Game Hunts Can Help You To Have A Great Experience

Hunting and fishing lodges

Hunting is one of the oldest activities known to man as early man hunted mammoth in groups either with spears and rocks or by chasing them off of cliffs. While there are no more mammoths to hunt, humans still love to kill animals and if you are interested in going on big game hunts, you will have the best chance of having a safe trip by working with professionals. When you hire a guide to take you on big game hunts, they will make sure that the hunt goes as smoothly as possible. There are black bear hunting guides that can even help you to hunt predators. If you want to hunt elk guided hunts are one of the best ways to do this.

Turkeys are something that humans have hunted and eaten for hundreds of years and were first domesticated at least 2,000 years ago by the indigenous Mesoamerican people. Another interesting fact about turkeys is that in the US males are called toms while in the UK, they are called stags. Whether you wish to go turkey or elk hunting ranches are available for you to hunt on. When you take big game hunts on a ranch, you will get the assistance required to have a fun experience. Taking hunting vacations to go on guided elk hunts will allow you to experience something new in a safe environment with the assistance of professionals to make sure that the experience is something to remember.