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Category Archive : Marine grade carpet

Have you thought about replacing the carpet of your boat lately?

Do you and your family take your boat out every weekend in the nice weather to enjoy some rays and fish? Do you have a boat that means almost as much to you as your children do? If you do, or if the boat is the center of your weekend than perhaps it is time to change your marine carpet and make sure that your boat is in tip top shape for not only your family but for your company as well. Take care of your boat, boat carpet and your memories of fun sun shine on the water for many more years to come. Not sure how to go about marine carpet replacement? Then perhaps this is an article for you and your family to take a look at and understand before you go pulling up the old boat carpet and replacing it with a new boat carpet.

As far as marine carpet for boats goes, there are two types of boat flooring options. There is snap in boat carpet and glue down boat carpets. A snap in carpet is exactly as it sounds, these marine carpet Read More