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Here’s Why You Should Consider A Travel Soccer Tour

Planning a soccer event

Have you thought about a travel soccer tour? It is essentially a trip to a destination, typically internationally, to watch a series of exciting soccer games. It includes tours of the country, to appreciate the unique cultural experience and how soccer fits into the culture of the country. If this sounds like the perfect trip for you, you are in good company! According to a survey done in 2012 by Sports Travel Magazine, 27% of all trips taken that year were for the sole purpose of attending an organized sporting event. Additionally, 90% of all trips in general included some sort of sports activity. That is a large percentage of people who appreciate sports! Let’s learn about some benefits you may not be aware of yet of an active sport such as soccer, facts about soccer around the world, and why you should consider travel soccer tours.

First, here are some health benefits of playing soccer. Soccer is mainly cardio; a professional soccer player runs 3.9 miles (48 kilometers) during a typical soccer game. The constant cardio helps a person to have a strong heart and lungs, as well as muscles and be fit in general. Because of the endorphins released during exercise, it also has emotional health benefits. In a recent survey of students, of those who only exercised zero to one day each week, 35.7% reported feeling sad for two weeks or more in the past 12 months. However, of those who exercised six to seven days a week, the number was reduced to 25.1% who felt sad for the same amount of time. Participating in an activity such as soccer can also have long term benefits. It has been found that young people who play sports at eight times more likely to have an active lifestyle at age 24 as their peers who did not play sports as an adolescent. Also, a survey of 400 female corporate executives showed that 94% played a sport; 61% of them say that has had a contribution to their career success. Promoting an active, healthy lifestyle in individuals when they are young definitely instills confidence and can contribute to success for the rest of their lives!

Next, here are some facts about soccer around the world that may help you determine where to go on a travel soccer tour. Organizes soccer has its roots in England; the rules of the game were drawn up in 1848 at Cambridge University. Now, English soccer (or football, as it is called there) leagues are organized in a hierarchical structure in which the 20 best teams play in a grouping called the Premier League. In Italy, their national soccer association formed in 1898 and is called Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio, or FIGC. It is part of the Union of European Football Associations, or UEFA. The national team played their first game in 1910 and had a successful beginning by beating France 6 to 2. Additionally, soccer by far the most popular sport in Sweden. There are more than 240,000 licensed players, and 56,000 of them are women. Sweden currently boasts 45 national stadiums. Obviously, Europe has a big part to play on the international soccer stage; a traditional soccer ball has 32 panels, one for each country in Europe. A European travel soccer tour is guaranteed to be a great trip!

Soccer/football is also extremely popular in Central America. Costa Rica is definitely the most successful team there; they played their first game as a national team in 1921. Costa Rica has qualified for four World Cups since that year, which were hosted by the following countries: Italy (1990), South Korea and Japan (2002), Germany (2006), and Brazil (2014). Portugal has also played in six World Cups. Soccer is a large part of the culture of Central America; for example, even towns that have less than 200 residents in Costa Rica and Guatemala have soccer fields. Central America is another great destination for a travel soccer tour!

Whether you choose to go to Europe or Central America for a travel soccer tour, you are guaranteed a wonderful time of soccer games, rich cultural experiences, and the opportunity to meet new people. It is an amazing international experience you don’t want to miss out on!