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How Sticky Spray And Sticky Gloves Can Help Improve Your Football Skills

How Sticky Spray And Sticky Gloves Can Help Improve Your Football Skills

As one of the most popular sports in the United States, football appeals to fans of all ages. According to CNS News, as of 2016, there more than one million high school football players in the U.S. Data from the Sports and Fitness Industry Association from 2016, indicated that more than 1.2 million kids aged 6-12 played tackle football in 2015.

As a game based on skill, players, especially those in skill positions are always looking for the next great piece of equipment to help them gain an edge over opponents.

Of all the tools in a football player’s arsenal— footballs, helmets, pads and mouth guards —a glove might be one of the most important in terms of having success. Gloves not only help improve grip on the football, they help players deal with weather conditions and also physical conditions.

When it comes to keeping a grip on the ball, no position places a premium on this more than receivers. As the players entrusted with catching the ball and scoring a large number of touchdowns, having a good grip on the ball is important. In 2017, Jarvis Landry and Larry Fitzgerald led the National Football League in receptions, catching 70 percent and 67 percent of their passes respectively. These two receivers are two of the best at what they do, but they stand as solid proof of what a receiver must do to be successful.

So what can you do as a receiver to get a better grip on the ball? The answer is simple: find something to help the ball stick.

Where a football gloves sticky spray Stickum was once the standard for helping receivers gain an edge, there are many options available including sticky gloves and second skin gloves. In 2016, former football player Matt Furstenberg developed Grip Boost to increase tackiness on gloves and as an alternative to using football gloves sticky spray.

Whether you use football gloves sticky spray or specialized equipment such as second skin gloves, there’s no question that having some sort of stickiness on your gloves makes a difference.

Second skin gloves have benefited golfers too. In March, Grip Boost unveiled its Grip Boost Second Skin Golf Glove 2.0. The glove harnesses unique technology to give golfers an unmatched grip and a more comfortable fit compared to some of the mass market golf gloves available.

According to Statistica, nearly 26 million Americans played golf last year. As a game that appeals to players young and old for its combination of skill, savvy and perhaps a bit of luck, golfers are always on the lookout for the next great tool to help them improve their scores.

According to Furstenberg, “The Second Skin Golf Glove 2.0 will help golfers balance power and control on the course by providing them with maximum feel.”

The Second Skin Golf Glove 2.0 is manufactured with Cabretta leather and offers many benefits to golfers:

  • Comfort: These second skin gloves incorporate a mesh material that helps drive moisture out and helps to keep a golfer’s hands dry and cool. Sweaty hands can loosen a golfer’s grip on a club and adversely affect a golfer’s game as a result. Sweaty hands increase tension in the hands on swing and leaving a golfer unable to hit the ball where they want.
  • Durability: Traditional leather golf gloves only last for about 15 rounds and many players find themselves rotating gloves as grip decreases. The Grip Boost glove is light weight and has a breathable material, which ensures lasting use.
  • Affordability: These second skin gloves are only $14.99.
  • Flexibility: These second skin gloves feature a flexible fabric with an angled closure strap. That gives golfers the chance to customize their fit and allows them to brave the elements on the course.

Before buying a glove, players should consider price, but should also take into account the type of material, the size, the feel of a glove, the features of a glove such as texture and what kind of glove may needed for certain weather conditions. Finding the right football gloves or football gloves sticky spray will pay off in the long run, resulting in more comfort more balls caught.

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