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3 Popular Types of Used Boats

3 Popular Types of Used Boats

If you’re looking to purchase something fun, you’ll want to consider buying a boat. However, there are many types of boats on the market. It’s understandable to feel confused regarding which type of boat is right for you. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by learning about popular types of boats. Here are three popular types of boats to consider purchasing.

  • Fishing Boats

    There’s no denying that fishing remains an extremely popular activity, especially in the United States. In fact, research shows that fishing was the second most popular outdoor activity throughout the United States in 2016. It doesn’t look like the popularity of this activity is slowing down. One study found that almost 51.57 million people fished during 2017. Considering that, certain types of boats are better for fishing than others. If you’re looking for aluminum fishing boats, you’ll want to find a boat with casting desks and a shallow draft.

  • Pontoon Boats

    If you’re wanting to purchase a boat for entertaining purposes, think of buying a pontoon boat. This type of boat generally sits on two pontoons, often ranging from 24 to 26 in diameter. Pontoon boats also feature open areas that are great for seating multiple guests. In addition, pontoon boats are great for spending time relaxing on the open water.

  • Poker Run Boats

    You might be thinking of purchasing a boat for the purpose of poker runs. These types of events are popular with both boaters and motorcyclists. During this type of event, you’ll complete a series of checkpoints. At each checkpoint, you’ll receive a playing card. After everyone has reached their checkpoints and collected their cards, a game of poker begins. The person with the best hand of cards wins each round.

In conclusion, there are several popular types of boats to consider purchasing. If you’re wanting to save money on this type of purchase, consider finding used boats for sale. This allows you to potentially purchase more than one boat. Many types of used boats for sale are in pristine condition. In turn, you’ll able to save money without sacrificing quality. After finding the right type of boat, you’ll be able to enjoy the feeling of spending time out on the water.

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