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Less Than 5% Of Adults Get Their Daily Recommended Physical Activity Picking Up A Game Of Golf

Sports can be fun to play or fun to watch. One person might enjoy watching a football game at the bar with their friends, while another much prefers to take a dip in the pool during a hot day.

Golf, just like any other sport, is unique for being a great way to shake away anxiety as it is to add a little extra fun to a party. Nobody always has the time to go to drive to their course of choice and play a few rounds, however. How do you scratch the proverbial itch? The best golf simulator can be installed in your home, replicating the engaging nature of golf to such a degree you’ll be convinced you’re at your favorite course. Before you invest in a high definition golf simulator, however, consider learning a little more about how this sport became one of the all-time greats.

From fun facts to tips to enjoying your home golf simulators, the list below has it all.

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