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Less Than 5% Of Adults Get Their Daily Recommended Physical Activity Picking Up A Game Of Golf

Less Than 5% Of Adults Get Their Daily Recommended Physical Activity Picking Up A Game Of Golf

Sports can be fun to play or fun to watch. One person might enjoy watching a football game at the bar with their friends, while another much prefers to take a dip in the pool during a hot day.

Golf, just like any other sport, is unique for being a great way to shake away anxiety as it is to add a little extra fun to a party. Nobody always has the time to go to drive to their course of choice and play a few rounds, however. How do you scratch the proverbial itch? The best golf simulator can be installed in your home, replicating the engaging nature of golf to such a degree you’ll be convinced you’re at your favorite course. Before you invest in a high definition golf simulator, however, consider learning a little more about how this sport became one of the all-time greats.

From fun facts to tips to enjoying your home golf simulators, the list below has it all.

History Of Golf

Golf has been around a long time. Longer than you may think, actually! Golf first originated in Scotland well over 500 years ago, practiced all around the country professionally and casually. It would proceed to be brought over to the United States through immigration, soon becoming one of the most popular sports played right up there with baseball, football and basketball. By the time the 1900’s rolled around there were over 1,000 golf clubs spread throughout the United States. How’s that for going off without a hitch?

Golf As A Modern Sport

Throw a pebble and you’ll likely hit someone who either loves golf or watches a few games in their off time. Back in 2015 over two and a half million people took up the game of golf with family, friends or as a way to boost their health. It’s estimated golf as a whole generates nearly $4 billion in charitable giving every single year. Golf can be a fun addition to a birthday party (better known as mini-golf) and it can be a way to ignite some extra passion in your weekend.

Fun Facts About Golf

Just how much do you know about golf? Let’s put your knowledge to the test. Your typical 18-hole golf course covers anywhere from 125 to 150 acres of land. The highest golf course in the world is located in Morococha, Peru. The Tactcu Golf Club sits at over 14,000 feet above sea level at its lowest point and is a great place to visit if you’ve found yourself becoming more passionate about golf over the coming years. The chance of two holes in one in a single round are also astronomically rare. Just how rare? Approximately 67 million to one.

Health Benefits Of A Golf Game

The best golf simulator may look less active than a game of football, but it actually has a wide variety of physical and mental health benefits. Recent studies have found less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day. When regular exercise can improve your mood, lower your risk of cancer and keep you in a better position to fight off illness? This might just be the year you decide to look into golf simulator prices. Golf involves a lot of concentration, stellar aim and regular walking, the latter of which is even more common on a larger course.

Installing The Best Golf Simulator

The open breeze on your face and the green rolling hills of a lovely course…why would you ever want to play at home? Well, sometimes you have a busy week and don’t have the time to drive all the way out to your course. Then, of course, there’s the appeal of a few games done in the comfort of your own home. The home golf simulator is designed to replicate the feel of golf to a stunning degree, with an accessible list of rules and clever programming combined to give you that sense of victory when you finally get that hole in one.

Golf is a blast. With the best golf simulator you can enjoy it anytime.

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