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Officers Need Thicker Bulletproof Vests or Fewer Guns to Keep Them Safe

Police officers and other law enforcement officers might seem indestructible, but that’s far from the truth. Their body armor is supposed to help protect them, but it turns out that it might not be enough anymore. While it’s true that some 3,000 officers have been spared because of their tactical gear, and not wearing it puts you 3.5 times more at risk for dying from a gunshot wound, it’s misleading to call it “bulletproof”. Officers are still dying from gunshot wounds while wearing those vests, so something has to be fixed. To ensure police safety in the future, we have to make a change for thicker protection, or make it harder to get strong firearms.

Gunshots are the second leading cause of death amongst police officers, with death by motor collision taking first place. But it might not be for long. The FBI reported that 66 officers died in the line of duty in 2016, and of those officers, 62 of them were killed by assault with a firearm. And reports estimate that over one-thir Read More