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Are You Planning a Great Gift for Your Family for the Next Holiday?

Tomorrow, your youngest son turns nine. Like most moms, you start to think back on what I was doing at this time nine years ago. And while you so not honestly really remember anything before the morning of, you have an excuse for that fact. According to the doctors and following how your first pregnancy went, you were not expecting him for a few more days.
What I do know, looking back, is that he has, by far, exceeded any hopes and dreams you had. He is an amazing kid. He is ridiculously smart with a kind heart. He is funny, but sensitive. He is athletic, but a great snuggler. Some days it is hard to believe it has only been nine years, but other days, it feels like he’s been with you forever. You love this kid!
For his ninth birthday, you have a big gift idea in place. Following in the path of his father, your son has always loved watching dirt bike races. For this reason, you have a gift planned of dirt bike equipment for this special birthday. He will learn to ride from his Read More