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Follow Your Favorite Team Online

Follow Your Favorite Team Online

Online sport radio

If you are trying to keep up with your favorite sports teams from work or on the road, there are plenty of sports radio services you can use to find out just how hard your team is destroying the other guys. Many local and national news stations stream their programming to online sport radio services for free. If you want to have premium access to your favorite sports and teams, there are also sports radio stations that you can purchase access to for unfettered access.

The easiest way to listen to sports radio, is usually through a satellite radio subscription, or finding a station that carries content from a a big sports station. ESPN and Fox Sports are just two of the television stations that also host online and satellite sports radio content. There are other sports radio services that act a lot like the baseball or football packages on cable television, where you can purchase a subscription to follow your favorite teams.

I love soccer, especially the English Premier League. But, if I wanted to listen to a game or a panel discussion on how awesome Liverpool is on a local sports radio online station, I would probably be out of luck. Soccer is not a huge sport in America, and it never really has been. As an interesting aside, I have a friend who did research at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs in the 1960s, and he told me that the only place to find soccer scores while he was there was in communist newspapers. Fortunately, thanks to internationally streamed sports radio stations, I can listen to an British station that posts their sport radio online. Or, I can subscribe to a premium online sports radio station that focuses exclusively on soccer.

Of course, you can do this for almost any sport. After a quick web search, I found sports radio stations for curling, hurling, badminton, as well as a weekly program on obscure sports in general. As you can see, the world of online sports radio is vast and comprehensive. Any fan of any sport can likely find a station or program that will feed their desire for news, stats, and games.

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