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Four Fast Facts About Online Sport Radio

Four Fast Facts About Online Sport Radio

Sport radio online

Sports fans are a passionate people. They wake up early to paint their faces (and in some cases, their bodies) and load the car for an all-day tailgating event. They scream with joy at an interception or a home run. They scream in rage at a fumble or a personal foul.

But it is a passionate fire that keeps them coming back for more. Nowhere is this burning passion for sports most apparent than on the numerous sport radio talk programs that permeate the airwaves in America. And now, the digital airwaves are just as filled with sports talk, thanks for online sport radio. But the format is not just a recent development; in fact, it has lingered in the American consciousness for over half a century. In fact:

Sports radio has been around for nearly 60 years.

The very first sports talk show was hosted by Bill Mazer, a leading voice in the sports broadcasting world. Mazer began the format in March 1964 on the WNBC AM radio station based out of New York. It was this show, and the future efforts of Mazer in the industry, that led to sports talk radio (and now, online sport radio) becoming the American cultural staple it has become today.

2. The first all-sports network debuted in 1981.

Avon, Connecticut became the home of the first sports radio network: Enterprise Radio. The station was broadcast nationally from New Years Day in 1981 until September of that same year before it crumbled. While still operating, Enterprise had one channel devoted entirely to talk and analysis and one exclusively for updates and play-by-play coverage.

3. Online sport radio is both local and syndicated.

You get in your car, you flip on your radio and you switch to AM frequencies. Chances are, within a few seconds, you will find some kind of terrestrial sports talk show. These programs are now offered via standard radio and on satellite, not to mention the plethora of online sport radio also becoming prominent. Listening to sports radio online is growing because of its portable capabilities, especially via apps on mobile devices.

4. You have probably heard the popular channels.

Online sports radio, just like terrestrial stations, is typically made up of the largest broadcasting names in sports today. These currently include ESPN, Yahoo!, Fox Sports, CBS and NBC. No matter where you listen, there is an almost endless stream of content being produced every hour of every day. Listening to online sport radio has never been easier.

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