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Quick Tips For Re-Installing New Boat Flooring

Quick Tips For Re-Installing New Boat Flooring

Today, more than 87 million U.S. adults participate in recreational boating, which makes sense considering that 95% of all Americans live within an hour’s drive of a navigable body of water. However, part of being a responsible boat owner is keeping up with maintenance procedures: the average annual expense of boat use and maintenance runs about 10% of the purchase price, not to mention the technical level of the processes required for many of these maintenance procedures. Installing boat flooring is just one example of a maintenance project that needs to be done on a timely schedule to avoid damage. If you’re considering new boat flooring this season, there are a number of tips that can make the process easier for the DIY novice. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind if you’re installing new boat flooring.

Take pictures before removing parts that need to be reinstalled
First, it’s important to take time to remove all parts of your existing marine boat carpet or aqua mat. You may need to take out some extra boat parts like rubber trim, vinyl side panels, and more. One smart idea is to take high quality photographs of everything you remove that needs to be reinstalled so that you can put it in its proper place when the time comes.

Take the time to properly remove the existing marine carpet glue
Once you removed the parts necessary to gain full access to your boat floor, make sure you take the proper steps to remove the existing marine carpet glue or other flooring adhesive.

“When you are dealing with aluminum there is a lot of work required to not only remove the carpet, but the adhesive as well. The use of lacquer thinner is needed to break down the bond and allow the carpet to be removed. Make sure that all the excess glue is removed from the flooring before attempting to apply new glue,” writes Marc Jenkins on Outdoor News.

Ensure proper protection
Finally, make sure to protect the other areas of your boat during the reinstallation process by covering them with plastic. This ensures that you won’t damage or stain the surrounding areas.

Ultimately, keeping these steps in mind can help you ensure a quick and easy installation process for your new boat flooring. For more information about aqua mats and other marine grade carpets, contact Corinthian Marine.

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