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The History of Motorcycles and Motorcycle Dealers

The History of Motorcycles and Motorcycle Dealers

Right now, alternative sports are on the rise and are reaching popular heights. One could point at the fact that sports are more popular than ever and that is true. But it does not take away from how popular alternative sports are now. Thus, business for motorcycle dealers is better than ever!

Right now there are almost 1.2 million registered snowmobiles in the United States. There are also nearly 600,000 registered snowmobiles in Canada as well. Snowmobiling is an alternative sport that is more popular than ever before and that is because people want to try new things. Here is all you need to know on the history of motorcycles, motorcycle equipment, dirt biking, and motorcycle dealers.

Between January and March 2017, there were just under 41,000 all-terrain vehicles that were sold to customers across the United States. These all-terrain vehicles are usually going to be ATVs and while they do not come from motorcycle dealers, they owe their popularity to motorcycling. The ATV is a spin-off from a motorcycle and is only popular because of the success of motorcycle dealers.

In 2016, the global spending on motorsports sanctioning bodies, teams, and tracks managed to reach $5.58 billion. This was a full 3% increase from the previous year of 2015. Look at stats like this to understand just how popular motorcycling is and how successful motorcycle dealers are now in the United States. Plus, there are more stats where that came from to back this idea up.

In the year od 2012, global motorsports sponsorship managed to reach a total spending of $4.97 billion. In the following year of 2013, global motorsports sponsorship spending managed to total $5.12 billion. Then in the year of 2014, the total spending for global motorsports sponsorship managed to reach nearly $5.26 billion. These sponsorships mean that there are more talented motorcycle riders looking to get sponsored by motorcycle dealers. This is because of the popularity of the sport!

The very first X-Games was held in the year of 1995. Since then, the X-Games has grown in terms of popularity but the attendance has not risen by a lot because more people are watching from home. However, it is not important to understand how important the X-Games have been in helping motorcycling grow in popularity across the country.

The attendance numbers for the very first X-Games managed to reach 198,000. This is rather impressive for a very first event of this nature. After all, keep in mind that motorcycle dealers and motorcycling and skateboarding were not as popular back then as they are now. So the fact that X-Games managed to hit these numbers is impressive, to say the least.

In the year of 2017, total X Games attendance was 215,000. The highest attendance record for any X Games came in 1999 when almost 270,000 people attended the event. While these numbers are lower now, keep in mind that it is mostly due to the fact that there are now TV deals in place to play the X-Games on television. Thus, they can watch from home as opposed to going in person!

In Conclusion

Across the country, there are so many people that absolutely underrate the popularity of motorcycling and motorcycle dealers. If you are ever interested in this sport then the time to get involved is definitely now! There are so many people that will come to train you on riding a motorcycle and there are more motorcycle dealers than ever before!

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