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Body Armor for Police Officers Can Help Save Lives

Body Armor for Police Officers Can Help Save Lives

Pursuing a career in the field of law enforcement can be rewarding, but it can also be extremely difficult. It does not take much brainstorming to figure out why such a career is not meant for everyone. Between the long hours, the often confrontational nature of the job, and the downright dangerous aspects of the field, it can sometimes be hard to imagine why anyone would take the job. And yet it is for those reasons that we hold law enforcement officials in such high esteem, appreciating everything that they put on the line for civilians every single day.

Staying as safe as possible on the job

Many people go into law enforcement for very specific reasons. For some it might be that they were inspired by a family member. Others might have had a life altering experience of some kind that led to the decision to become a law enforcement official. Whatever the case may be, the inherent risks of the job pale in comparison to the calling that an individual heeds to become a police officer or otherwise involved in law enforcement.

This does not mean, of course, that these individuals have no regard for their own safety or wellbeing. On the contrary, those entering into the field are trained extensively in procedures to keep themselves, their partners, and those around them as safe as possible. Not only do they train until the right procedures and reactions become almost instinct, but they prepare for dangerous situations by donning tactical gear and protective layers such as bulletproof body armor.

Why body armor clothing is so important

Yes, we have all seen the television shows and movies where the cops or SWAT teams sweep onto the scene in full, head to toe tactical body armor. Many people can also say that they personally know police officers who can attest to the lack of that level of drama in their day to day routines and interactions. Television shows and movies certainly have a way of skewing perspectives. But there is certainly a degree of reality to the need for such protection. Armor vests alone have been responsible over the course of the last 30 years for preserving the lives of over 3,000 police and law enforcement offices.

There is always a chance in this type of job, that an officer will encounter an individual with a firearm. The chance of getting shot is much higher than most other professions. And without those important armor vests, the chance of dying from a gunshot wound to the torso shoots to 3.4 times higher than those who are shot while wearing the vests. Over the course of one year, there was a total of 66 officers killed in the line of duty, and of those, only four were not assaulted with a firearm.
Keeping the streets safe is no easy task. Training to serve and protect is a dangerous undertaking. But with the right mindset, and donning the right gear, the chances of an officer living to protect another day get much better.

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