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How To Choose the Best Discount Fly Rods

How To Choose the Best Discount Fly Rods

When you’re looking to purchase discount fly rods, the first thing you need to do is determine what you’ll fish for. Different fly rods are each designed with unique purposes.

For instance, if you’re interested in catching large fish, you don’t want to go with a fly rod designed for small fish. Likewise, if you want a lot of control over your line, then you’ll want to avoid discount fly rods that are designed for distance casting.

So, how do you find out what kind of discount fly rods to buy?

Determine the Fly Rod’s Action Type

Action is how a fly rod flexes under pressure, and you can determine a fly rod’s action type by looking at the bend in the rod.

Action is necessary because when you’re casting, you’re applying pressure to the rod. If you have a rod that bends too much, then you’ll have a difficult time making smooth casts. Also, if you have a rod that doesn’t bend enough, you won’t get the most out of your line.

Fly rods are often divided into three types of action, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

1. Fast Action

These rods are the most flexible and sensitive, making them ideal for fishing in clear waters and using smaller flies. However, they don’t cast as far as other types of fly rods.

They are suitable for long-distance casting, but they don’t have as much control over the line. If you’re a beginner, these are best suited for you, as they are easier to cast. However, they can be difficult to cast in windy conditions.

2. Medium Action

Out of the three, the medium action type is the most popular and versatile. These are flexible enough that you can easily cast it far but still sensitive enough to feel the smallest bites.

They are the most balanced of all types. However, they don’t bend so much that they’re hard to control.

3. Slow Action

Slow action rods are designed specifically for distance casting. They are stiffer than other types of fly rods and are best for large fish and fly fishing in rough water.

They cast very well, and this makes them ideal for casting larger flies. However, they’re not as sensitive as the other two types of fly rods.

Know More About Fly Rod Power

Power is the amount of weight a rod can handle and is typically measured in grains — the heavier the grain, the more powerful the rod.

It’s crucial because it helps you determine the type of line you can use with a particular rod. With too little power, your line will break. On the other hand, too much power will snap your line.

Fly rods are generally divided into three power categories:

  1. Ultra-light – An ultra-light power rod weighs between 4 and 5 grains and is ideal for fishing with small flies. However, you need to use a very thin line with these rods. For example, a 5-grain rod can only handle 5-grain lines and smaller – if you use a line that’s too heavy, then the rod won’t be able to take it.
  2. Light – A light power rod weighs between 6 and 9 grains. A light power fly rod is ideal for long-distance casting. However, they are not as sensitive as other types of fly rods.
  3. Medium – A medium power fly rod weighs between 10 and 12 grains. A medium-power fly rod is ideal for various fishing conditions. The majority of fly rods are in the 9-12 grain range, and they are well suited for fishing in both clear and dirty water.

Equip Yourself With the Best Fly Rod

With the estimated 51.59 million people who went fishing in 2017, more than 49 million of them were Americans who participated in freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing activities. In that same year, the largest share of fishing participants went on 4 to 11 outings, and a small percentage went on fishing trips more than 104 times a year.

If you’re one of the numerous people who want to participate in fly fishing this year, you may want to start looking for the best discount fly rods and fly reels you can buy. Once you’ve equipped yourself with a fly fishing outfit, you can be on your way to weekends of fun at the river.

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