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Key Things to Know Before Paying for Golf Cart Rentals

Key Things to Know Before Paying for Golf Cart Rentals

Golf carts are a fun way to get around and are used in more than just golf clubs. They can be seen on beaches, camps, country and equestrian clubs, airports, school campuses, retirement villages, and more. This video covers a few essential things to be aware of before renting a golf cart. One basic rule to keep in mind is that if it’s illegal on a regular vehicle, it’s probably illegal in golf cart rentals as well. This includes driving under the influence, underage driving, speeding, and driving without a license.

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However, not all states require that a golf cart driver have a license, but most have a minimum age, typically above 13.

The golf cart rental provider usually outlines all the rules to ensure safety and that no laws are broken. Those rules may be relaxed or not apply when driving on private property, in which case the proprietor may set the rules. If the golf carts are to be used in a different location away from the rental company, the renter has the responsibility of ensuring no laws are being broken there.

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