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Muay Thai For Health and Defense

Muay Thai For Health and Defense

It has often been noted that many Americans today, both children and adults, are not as physically active as they should be. The human body is designed to move, to burn excess calories and fat, and improve mood and concentration. But too often, sedentary lifestyles take over, compounded in recent decades by electronic screens. In fact, about 66% of parents today are concerned that their kids spend too much time on electronic devices, such as smart phones, handheld game systems, television, and PC. Among adults, meanwhile, under 5% take part in 30 minutes of physical activity like they all should, and only one in three adults get the amount of exercise for each week. The good news is that exercise does not have to be boring or simple. Martial arts of many kinds are thrilling ways to work out and learn self-defense, and Muay Thai, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and more promise a fun new skill and a good sweat at the same time.

Already, there are plenty of kids and adults who take part in Muay Thai and these other activities, such as kickboxing classes. In 2016 in the United States, there were around 3.58 million martial arts practitioners aged six and up, and in 2017, about 2.38 million people aged six and up took part in martial arts for fitness purposes. Classes can be found nearly anywhere in the United States, from Muay Thai Portland classes to classes in Texas to New York. Many of these martial arts originate from Asia, Israel, or South America, but their health benefits and self-defense bonuses are universal and can get anyone in shape.

Why should one practice Muay Thai or any of these martial arts, exactly? There are several concrete and desirable benefits to taking up this hobby. According to , at least five serious benefits can be had when practicing Muay Thai in particular, and these may be common to other martial arts, too. For one thing, a person’s cardiovascular health receives a serious boost when practicing Muay Thai, especially compared to more basic or common workout routines. Muay Thai stresses the body’s aerobic and anaerobic cardiopulmonary systems alike, and the body can become conditioned after enough practice.

The benefits don’t stop there. The legs will get a tough workout with Muay Thai with the art’s emphasis on kicks, and this develops leg muscles and lower body muscles, and this can also boost a person’a agility. The core muscles will benefit too, and the core is more than just a six pack; it is most muscles in the torso, and with the twisting action of Muay Thai, this region gets strengthened constantly.

Psychologically, Muay Thai and similar martial sports are an excellent vent for stress and tension from everyday life. During training or sparring, a practitioner focuses on his/her actions and the duel at hand, improving mental focus and allowing them to relieve stress through physical strikes, which can be therapeutic. As a whole, Muay Thai and other martial sports can reshape a person’s everyday life with stress relief, focus, and improving their strength and burning calories all the while. A person needs only adjust in the intensity and schedule to fit their own needs.

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