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Only 25% Of American Teenagers Exercise Daily How Can You Keep Your Kids Healthy?

Only 25% Of American Teenagers Exercise Daily How Can You Keep Your Kids Healthy?

How to make a backyard ice rink

Are your kids spending too much time on the computer? Are you worried they’re not getting the exercise they need to stay healthy and fit? It might be time to look over your backyard and install some sports equipment. Today’s youth may be some of the most well-connected and informed, but they’re also boasting some of the highest rates of health issues yet seen. A lack of exercise doesn’t just affect physical health — it can affect mental health, emotional health and even social capabilities. A backyard skating rink is a great way to get your kids playing outside while providing them basic skills they’ll be carrying with them into adulthood.

not familiar with setting up a homemade ice rink? Let’s take a look.

Hockey is a very popular sport. It brings in millions of fans every year to enjoy intense plays in small venues and massive stadiums, which is nothing to say of hobbyists and children who get involved out of a keen interest to meet like-minded people. The number of youth participants in hockey has seen a steady increase these past few years as more parents become interested in the health benefits exercise provides. These include superior fitness, better concentration and an improved social life.

Today’s children get way less exercise than ever before. A recent report published by The Guardian found a mere 25% of teenagers will exercise every day. The average doctor recommends children engage in moderate aerobic activity to intense aerobic activity for 60 minutes per day in order to grow at a steady rate. Children are still developing, even older teenagers, and require steady exercise to ensure their muscles and bones stay strong. Failing to instill a regular exercise regimen can expose your child to early onset diabetes and heart disease.

This extends to emotional and mental health, too. Does your child struggle to concentrate in class? Do you find them often distracted, irritable or moody? While teenagers certainly have plenty of hormones to contend with on their way to adulthood, much of these mood swings and struggles can be attributed to a lack of exercise. Exercise releases a steady stream of endorphins, or the ‘feel good’ chemical, and can improve a child’s mood even as it improves a child’s physical health. But what about maintaining a good social life?

The amount of children who play organized sports every year has reached nearly 36 million. Back in 2014 the amount of participants over the age of six who regularly visited an ice skating rink hit an impressive 10 million. Overall there are more people playing hockey in the United States than ever before, meaning a backyard skating rink isn’t nearly as odd as it may sound. Participating in sports on a regular basis significantly improves cardiovascular endurance, with this increased heart health drastically reducing your child’s risk for developing heart disease as an adult. Back in 2011 this disease claimed over 800,000 lives.

Learning how to build a backyard ice rink will take a little time, but it’s nothing compared to the hundreds of hours of fun and hard play you and your children will have year-round. Nearly 65% of youth sports participants stated they wanted to get involved with sports to be closer to their friends. Another 70% admitted they wouldn’t care if no score was kept at all. A backyard skating rink is a place of fun and discipline, teaching children to be cooperative even as they have a blast and engage in healthy competition. If you’re worried about your kids being glued to a screen of some sort, building a home ice rink can work as a family project and a future favorite hobby.

Make 2018 a fun, happy and healthy year. Try a backyard skating rink on for size.
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