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Taking a Vacation? 5 Reasons to Look at Short Term Rentals

Taking a Vacation? 5 Reasons to Look at Short Term Rentals

Oceanfront rental

People enjoy taking vacations with their friends and family. At least 37% of people say they are happier when they take vacations with their families. This is one of the main reasons people are made happy on vacation. When people are looking to book a vacation for their family or group, they often have a lot of options. More and more people are looking to short term rentals for their lodging rather than traditional hotels. There are a number of reasons for this shift. For at least 62% of the people who go for vacation rentals, the main reason is the cost but that is not the only reason getting a condo for rent may work better for a family or group vacation.

  1. You get more value for your money. As was noted, one of the main reasons people look into short term rentals is the cost. When you have a larger group, you need more hotel or motel rooms, which can get pricy very quickly. By contrast, when you price it out as cost per person, the cost goes down quite a bit when you look at house and condo rentals. If you are going for a beach vacation, you will get an oceanfront rental for a lot less than you would pay at the hotel for the same view or distance from the water.
  2. You will get more space for everyone. Unless you spring for a set of suites, when you get a hotel room, everyone has just the space of the room to relax in. It can be hard for people to have their own space. It does not always seem like a big deal but people are naturally more stressed out when they have to share their space with other people. When you look at beachfront vacation rentals, you can get enough space so everyone can spread out and have their own part of the house or condo, this can make your trip a lot more relaxing.
  3. You get more privacy. When you stay in even the best hotel, your neighbors are really close to you. Typically, they are just on the other side of a wall. They can hear everything you do and you can hear everything they are doing. Whenever you come or go, whether is to the pool or out on the town, you need to pass through a lobby with lots of other people. By contrast, when you opt for short term rentals, your neighbors are not on top of you. You can come and go without everyone knowing what you are up to all of the time. You really only have to deal with your neighbors if you want to.
  4. You save money on meals and laundry. Most of the time, short term rentals come with a full kitchen. This means you can make many of your meals at the unit vs. going out for everything you and your family want to eat. It also means you can have relaxing dinners together at the beach home rental. Your meals will be healthier and a whole lot more affordable. Most of these units also come with clothes washers and dryers. This can be really helpful for people who are traveling with young children. You can get away with bringing less stuff when you know you can wash everything in your unit rather than sending it out to the hotel laundry. Plus, you do not have to worry when your kids are playing outside about how dirty they are getting.
  5. You can have more relaxation time. After a long day at the beach or sightseeing, you may just want to hang out with your group. That is easier when you have rented a condo or house. When everyone is in their separate hotel rooms, it is not as easy to do. With short term rentals, you have a lot of the amenities from home. If you want to hang out, you can do that easier in a condo or house.

Taking the family or a group of friends on vacation can be a lot of fun. Renting a home for that time can make it even better.

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