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Three Facts you May not Have Known about Golf

Three Facts you May not Have Known about Golf

Recent news reports around the globe have claimed that golf is on the decline, with some saying that it’s “going the way of the three-martini lunch.” While it’s true that playing golf may not be the status symbol it once was, interest and love for the game has stayed strong, particularly for golf’s true sportsmen and women. Here are just a few of the ways that the game has endured through time.

It didn’t necessarily originate in Scotland.

The game that we now know and love has been played in Scotland for over 500 years, but there is evidence that a similar game has been played around the world since ancient times. Julius Caesar reportedly played a golf-like game in which he would hit a ball full of feathers with tree branches.

Golf’s appeal is undeniable.

If you’ve ever enjoyed an afternoon with some friends on the green, you’re not alone: over two million people started playing golf in 2015. But golf isn’t newly popular–in 1900, the United States already had over one thousand golf clubs, making golfing a hugely popular spectator sport on this side of the Atlantic. This was after it had been hugely popular in the UK for several centuries. In fact, King James II reportedly banned the playing of golf in the 17th century, allegedly because his troops preferred playing the game to preparing for battle.

The game is continuing to evolve.

While the chances of getting two hole in ones is 1 in 67 million, it hasn’t stopped golf enthusiasts from giving it a try. The number of adults trying golf at their local course remains strong, but several others are looking for a new challenge: golf simulators. High definition golf simulators can immerse players in some of most famous and challenging courses in the world without having to leave their homes. The model of play for golf has also paved the way for other offshoots, such as mini-golf and disc golf.

Since it’s creation in 1457, golf has become one of the world’s most beloved games. With the opportunity to constantly improve on previous scores and the chance to play well into old age, golf is a game that seems designed to last. Whether you’re out on the fairway with friends or on your home golf simulator with family, there’s no reason not to enjoy the greatest game ever played.

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