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We Love Big Lakes and We Cannot Lie!

We Love Big Lakes and We Cannot Lie!

These are the weekends that memories are made of.

With three generations of three families who gather the same weekend every summer, these are the times your children will be talking about forever. From the youngest kids who are squeezed between two parents on a tube to the teenagers who are learning to slalom ski, lake weekends are the best. All of the hassle to gather the right life jackets and have skis in all the right sizes are worth it once the families start arriving. There is plenty of time to catch up on stories about how the kids are doing and who will be attending what college in the fall, but there is also plenty of time to be on the water. Even jokes about finding tow boats for sale after a particularly rough weekend, the memories that are made are ones that will last forever.
New boats and preowned boats, as well as boat accessories, are an important investment that many people make when they get ready to host a crowd. Although no one wants to think about tow boats for sale and other repair processes that are involved when things go wrong, it is important to have a plan in place. New custom boats rarely have problems, but if you are the owner of used boats, it is always important to know who to call for the eventual repairs. Consider these facts and figures about the boating industry and the impact that it has on the nation’s economy:

  • 87 million adults in the U.S. use boats for recreational purposes.
  • 11.87 million recreational boats were registered in the U.S. in 2015.
  • 42.6 million people indicated that they had gone boating within the last 12 months in a survey that was taken in early 2017.
  • 2.65 million people indicated that they planned on buying a boat within the next 12 months in the same early 2017 survey.
  • Inboard boats, outboard boats, sailboats, sterndrive boats, and personal water crafts are the five categories of recreational boats are split into.
  • The total cost of recreational boats that were sold was well over 3.6 million in the U.S. in the year 2016.

Big lakes and small lakes alike serve as a perfect settings for family gatherings and times with lifelong friends.

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