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Responsibly Caring For Sports Injuries

Responsibly Caring For Sports Injuries

Every athlete has experienced an injury in their career. People that start sports young are especially vulnerable to them and are more prone to improper treatment. Sports injury care should be the primary concern of all schools and programs, to ensure their young people can heal safely and internalize treating their bodies well.

School programs are infamous for the immense pressure they put on students to perform.
Student-athletes are passionate and dedicated, but often don’t learn to rest.

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Breaks are integral to healing the normal wear of exercise, but students risk losing merit, skill, and even opportunities like scholarships. This motivates them to keep injuries to themselves, which is dangerous to make a habit. Healthcare in the U.S. is already difficult to navigate, with just worrying about the cost of a primary care doctor. Factoring in possibilities of physical therapy, or even surgery, is completely out of the question for a lot of people. This makes the infrastructure for dealing with sports injuries a minefield of underdiagnosis, bad advice, and over-inflated hospital bills.

One of the best ways to combat strain and overuse injuries is practicing your own health maintenance regularly. Properly stretching, resting, and respecting your body’s limits are the foundation for a healthy athletic career. At-home resources for safe self-treatment and help with strain can keep you happy, healthy, and competing in the sports you love for years to come.


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