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Why Do People Love Custom Sports Jerseys

Why Do People Love Custom Sports Jerseys

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Across the globe, sports are beloved by fans of all types of sports. Whether the sport is baseball, soccer, basketball, football, boxing, rugby, or MMA, people love to watch sports and people love to play sports. One may wonder why that is, but if you really look at what goes on in sports it is so easy to understand.

I personally love sports but there is no question that you can look at sports on a basic level to understand that so much of the love of sports is based on tribal instincts that humans have had since they could first walk. People want to feel like they are a part of something and love the idea that their hometown is a tribe, a group of people, that they belong to and that they believe in.

People love sports so much that they are willing to spend money on not only the jerseys of famous athletes, but they even want to buy custom athletic jerseys. People want to feel like they belong to the team and they belong to a group. So let’s talk about why custom athletic jerseys are so popular.

Everyone wants to get their custom athletic jerseys based on their team which can range and vary depending on where people are born and even where they live now. People love custom athletic jerseys that include a custom Cubs jersey, a custom Diamondbacks jersey, a custom Dodgers jersey, a custom Giants jersey, a custom Mariners jersey, a custom Marlins jersey, a custom Mets jersey or even a custom Nationals jersey.

Even though Baseball was born in the United States it has now managed to spread across the world in terms of popularity to the point where now more than 100 countries are members of the International Baseball Federation. In 1903, the Boston Americans won the first World Series. The team with the most World Series wins, however, is none other than the New York Yankees and they have 27 titles which is amazing to think about.

The Major League Baseball, or MLB, managed to generate over $9 billion in revenue in 2016 which is an average of around $301 million per team. Keep in mind that over half of all people say that they are fans of a professional baseball team, so there is no question that Baseball is popular in America. Just about 23 million people will watch the World Series on television each year as well.

A lot of people will get custom athletic jerseys for the New York Yankees because as of July 2017, they have the most followers on Twitter in terms of MLB team accounts with over 2 million followers. People in New York are really serious about the Yankees as well and love to throw down some money getting their custom athletic jerseys for their favorite Baseball team.

As of April 2017, for the second season in a row, Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant had the most popular selling major league baseball jersey. The oldest baseball park still in use is Fenway Park, which debuted in 1912. In an average major league baseball game, 50 foul balls are hit into a crowd of about 31,000 people.

In Conclusion

There is no question that the popularity of buying custom athletic jerseys continues to rise in the United States. People love to put their own customized names on jerseys so that they feel even more like they are a part of the organization that they cheer for day in and day out. If you want to buy yourself or your family custom athletic jerseys then do it because people across the United States truly love to get involved with their team.

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